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I get asked why I recommend advertising with Bing when Google clearly has the market share, and the answer isn’t very clear cut. It all depends on your business. What I have noticed from my campaigns is Bing tends to have a higher CTR and lower costs per click.

The costs makes perfect sense. Less Competition. Bing even knows they are the guys late to the party by they tools they have set up for importing Google’s campaigns. Google doesn’t offer that, because they don’t need to. Everyone starts with Google and then moves forward from there.

I also find that it has better results on Business to Business sales, and I have a theory of why. When someone buys a new Windows machine, or builds one for all you gamers, the default browser is Internet Explorer, ahem, I meanĀ Edge (it’s cool now, right? maybe not) and for many people, that browser is only good for one thing; downloading a better browser. But there’s a large section of the population who simply doesn’t care or know the difference or prefer the default browser, and those people search with Bing. Its build right in. Hell, I can’t even use the coolest new feature in Windows 10 (Cortana) without Edge popping open and performing a Bing search. So, why bring up B2B sales? IT Controls. If you don’t have your workstations set with limited privileges and allow your users to download and install whatever they want, you’re asking for problems. So when Jim Smith shows up to his new job, and tries to download his preferred browser, he can’t without putting in a call to IT to come authorize the install. So this is my no-so-scientific, gut reaction to why I think B2B sales tend to show higher CTRs on Bing. If they were searching on a home computer, they probably would have used Google.

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