Pay Per Click

Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaign optimization and management.

Google Partners Certification

Work with someone who is certified in Adwords and Analytics through Google Partners.

Google Adwords Experience

Google AdWords can be easy to set up, but not so easy to perfect. Consult with someone who has experience working with Google on Campaigns.

Bing ads utilization and reach

Reach the entire internet, not just those who use Google. In 2014 Bing and Yahoo had nearly 30 percent of the search market share.

Only pay for clicks that drive traffic

Traditional marketing requires a significant upfront investment. Pay Per Click allows you to set a budget and only pay for the traffic coming to your site.

About Somark

Marketing Strategies for the Internet
Advertising in an internet economy requires new tools and strategies.

To reach your customers, you need to get your brand, your ads, and your products in front of their eyes. Mobile searches now outrank desktop searches, as of mid 2015. Your company needs to be on those phones, in search results, apps, and YouTube videos.

At Somark we specialize in creating modern content for the web. We take great pride in the companies we represent, and learn everything we can about your business and product, so that we can build the best possible campaigns to meet your goals. We strive to make your business, our business. As your marketing team, the better we understand how you operate, what you sell, and the mindset of your clients, the more effecitve our campaigns can be.

  • Google AdWords

    Full utilization of AdWords features to maximize campaign efficiency.

  • BingAds

    Show ads across Bing, Yahoo, and other search partners around the web, to capture a larger audience.

  • email marketing

    Reach out to previous customers and contacts through managed email marketing campaigns.

  • Custom Design

    Have digital and print media designed to accompany your marketing campaigns

somark management team

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Jeff Spurlock

I come from a background in web and graphic design, went to Cal State Fullerton for a Major in Marketing, and grew up in the information age, learning how to market with the tools available. Marketing on the web is not just my job, it has shaped me a marketer and a consumer.

my ramblings

New tools are being release for internet marketing all the time. Here's what I think of them.

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